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  • Quality Policy

    We put people, quality and future above all else.

    The following articles constitute basics of our quality policy as a company, which is one of the leaders of its industry in terms of technology and quality while contributing to the national economy by making investments with the awareness of responsibilities to the society as well as the environment, and making sustainable development a life style.

    • We aim to improve quality and productivity by complying with Quality Management System objectives and articles.
    • We fulfill employer liabilities and put human satisfaction as a principle at every step of our work.
    • We defend the principles of business ethics and contribute to organizational culture in the light of these principles.
    • We aim to be the best among our competitors and improve our competitiveness by taking strength from them.
    • We closely follow modern scientific and technological developments in order to meet the requirements of our era and integrate them rapidly to our own system.
    • We give priority to work safety by creating healthy and secure work environment for our employees.
    • As a result of contemporary quality approach and focus on people understanding we pay attention to the environment, health and continous improvement.